Christopher Wood



Christopher’s practice consists mainly of complex financial claims, involving companies, farms, offshore trusts, and conflicts of law.

Other work includes drafting and advising upon pre nuptial agreements. Christopher has also acted as an expert on English financial remedies claims in French proceedings.

All financial claims arising on family breakdown, including financial remedies claims in divorce, Schedule 1 cases, TOLATA and Inheritance Act claims.

Reported cases include:-

T v S (Financial Provision for Children) [1994] 2 FLR 883

A v A (A Minor: Financial Provision) [1994] 1 FLR 657

Thomas v Thomas [1995] 2 FLR 668 CA

Sears Tooth (A firm) v Payne Hicks Beach (A firm) and Others [1997] 2 FLR 116

Wicks v Wicks [1998] 1 FLR 470 CA

D v D (Lump Sum: adjournment of application) [2001] 1 FLR 633

H v M (Property occupied by Wife’s Parents) [2003] EWHC 625 (Fam) [2004] 2 FLR 16

A v A & St George’s Trustees (No 1) [2007] EWHC 99 (Fam) [2007] 2 FLR 467

A v A & St George’s Trustees (No 2) (Ancillary relief: costs) [2007] EWHC 1810 (Fam) [2008] 1 FLR 1428

CG v IF (MFPA 1984 Part III: Lugano Convention) [2010] EWHC 1062 (Fam) [2010] 2 FLR 1790

Christopher is a contributor to the new edition of Rayden & Jackson on Divorce and Family Matters. He has written the chapter on Stays of matrimonial and related proceedings and co-written the chapter on Recognition of divorces, annulments and legal separations.

He also lectures on financial remedy topics, most recently on Trusts, Farming cases and Compensation.  

Christopher is a member of the FLBA.


  • Canford School, Wimborne, Dorset
  • MA Brasenose College, Oxford (Open Exhibition):
  • Post graduate law degree, Aix-Marseille University (French Government Scholarship)

Christopher is married to a Norwegian journalist. They have 2 children in London day schools.

He speaks French and conversational Norwegian.

Outside work, Christopher’s interests including history and the history of art, ballet and music, cross country skiing and sailing.